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La Confrérie de Neoflagellants

Montréal, Québec et Édimbourg, Écosse.

The Confraternity of Neoflagellants was founded in 2009 by Serjeant-At-Law Norman Hogg and joined by Keeper of the Wardrobe Neil Mulholland. It is a secular and equal opportunities confraternity bound by chirograph.

La Confrérie de Néoflagellants a été fondée en 2009 par le Sergent-en-droit Hogg [et] rejoint par le Gardien de la Garde-Robe Mulholland. Il s'agit d'une confrérie laïque à opportunités égales, liée par chorégraphe.

We are lay peoples dedicated to the ascetic application, dissemination and treatment of neomedievalism in contemporary culture.

Neomedievalisms are cultural practices that breathe a bouquet of premoderns as permanent rehearsals of coming events. Where medievalists may be prone to police the post-medieval weald for ‘inauthentic’ medievalisms, neomedievalists embrace the articulation and mobilisation of metahistorical ‘anachronisms’. To the medievalist, medievalisms provide powerful indexes that reveal how post-medieval societies have variously imagined ‘little middle ages’ to suit modern agendas. To the neomedievalist, medievalisms are theory-fictions that facilitate ludic speculation on non-modern futurities.

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