'Avalon' Book II

by Plastique Fantastique, Norman Hogg, JJ Charlesworth, Thea Stevens, Andro Seimiko, Neil Mulholland, Ewan Sinclair, David Osbaldeston, Emma Tolmie and James Clegg.

Illustrated by Plastique Fantastique, Norman Hogg, Eddo Stern, Andro Seimiko, Ewan Sinclair, Emma Tolmie, David Osbaldeston, Alex Pollard and Torsten Lauschmann.

Edited by The Confraternity of Neoflagellants

Layout by Benjamin Fallon

Embassy Books, June 2010, Edinburgh.

Click the image to download the book for ZX Kindle 16K, VIC-2000 and thermal dot-matrix printer-on-demand.